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Oman Livestock Feed Program

Sustainable Water and Agriculture Company (SWAC) is offering selected investors an opportunity to join in the development of a major new commercial offering that will support the growing Omani livestock market. 

Full-production service provided

Create revenue from reused wastewater

Displace foreign production only

Use existing water sources while pipelines are built

Creates carbon credits that can be sold, Carbon-negative 

Address the Problems of the Oman Livestock Industry Today

This proposal reduces the amount of imported cattle feed from Africa, North America, and Pakistan, which has been shown to have inconsistent quality.

It also utilizes sources of water that are currently being wasted in Oman, where water is limited. This treated water will meet or surpass Omani Agricultural standards.

Since aeroponic technology is not affected by climate, high-quality fodder will be produced on a daily basis, 365 days per year.

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The Production of 100% Locally-Grown Cattle Feed

We will construct and operate self-contained, climate controlled, next-generation aeroponic grow units to provide a daily supply of fresh fodder to livestock.

This implements proven cutting-edge water treatment technology to reuse wastewater for the grow operations.


Creates new jobs for Omanis, including many high-salary technical positions

Meets national objectives of sustainable conservation & food security

Production systems will maximize use of renewable energy sources

Reduces carbon footprint from imported cattle feed

Creates carbon credits that can be sold

Efficient - 
0.3 ha aeroponic is equivalent to 120 ha of traditional farming

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