Development Plan

Phase 1

By mid-2021, install a 2 MT per day automated demonstration fodder unit in Nimr using retreated waste water:

  • Sell 2 MTs of fodder per day to:  Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. at approximately $110/ MT and test on a subset of their dairy cows and cattle

  • Prove temperature-controlled production capacity and consistency

  • Prove quality fodder over the duration of the demonstration

  • Prove treatment technologies to provide safe water from the Nimr Water Treatment Facility

Operate demonstration unit for 6 months before beginning construction of full-scale operations in Phase 2

Phase 2

Install a 1,000 MT per day high quality fodder units at: Dhofar Cattle Feed Co. in Thumrait.

The 1000 MT fodder unit will:

  • Produce consistent high-quality fodder on-site at each livestock location.  Harvest and distribution costs are minimized 

  • Operate year-round with no influence from unpredictable rainfall or adverse weather

  • Improve health of livestock herds 

  • Provide positive cash flow within first few months of operation

Phase 3

Construct a 210 km water transmission pipeline that will transport up to 20,000 cubic meters per day from the Nimr Water Treatment Facility to cattle operations in Thumrait.
Install a high-capacity desalination system at Nimr to provide secondary re-treatment of water that is currently wasted (evaporated) at the Nimr site.

The water transmission pipeline will:

  • Provide an almost inexhaustible supply of clean water

  • Operate year-round with no influence from unpredictable rainfall or adverse weather

  • Allow for expansion of fodder production that would otherwise be limited based on available water supply

  • The Nimr Water Treatment Facility currently treats 175,000 cubic meters per day. Additional pipelines and desalination systems may be developed to further expand to other locations