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Technologies Deployed

Water Treatment

The treated waste water will pass through a highly advanced membrane water treatment facility, with pre-treatment, to achieve and/or exceed the Omani Agricultural quality water standards. 

  • Inlet water quality – Treated effluent from Nimr Water Treatment Facility (NWTF), <7,000 parts per million Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which is well within the margin for successful cost efficient treatment

  • Outlet water quality – Retreated to meet or exceed Omani Agricultural water standards and suitable for the fodder feed system

The amount of water needed is significantly less than conventional farming

A single 6MT fodder unit produces the same amount of high-quality fodder as 500 acres of arable land

Fodder System

We propose to grow barley fodder using an innovative hydroponic grow system. The system uses an intensive method of growing hydroponic sprouting barley from seed to feed in eight days.
This innovative system has proven to benefit livestock in the following ways:

  • Improved Animal Health

  • Improved Weight Gain

  • Improved Fertility

  • Improved Coat Condition

  • Improved Fat and Marbling

​Fodder units produce high quality fodder in
8-day cycles,
44 times a year

Technology Phases

Phase 1
Demonstration Unit

Achieve 1:10 ratio of seed:fresh fodder

Demonstrate 8-day harvest cycle

Prove water consumption rates (4 cubic meters/MT of fodder)

Produce and deliver 2 MT’s per day to Dhofar Cattle in Salalah

Units Outside.jpg
Units Outside.jpg

Phase 2

Design, construct and operate a 1,000 MT per day automated fodder unit in Thumrait

Commercially viable full-scale operations

Water supply from treating wastewater effluent from current livestock operations using state-of-the-art treatment technology

Operating units onsite minimizes risks and costs associated with delivery and distribution

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