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Sr. Vice President - RPS Group

Mr. Balmos brings 25 years experience in business development activities for RPS Group worldwide, focusing on public infrastructure. His experience in the infrastructure consulting business has included major program developments ranging from a $1.2 billion light rail program in Salt Lake City Utah, to a $2.1 billion water treatment facility in Houston, Texas. He applies innovative technology with a rigorous quality program to deliver comprehensive and complex projects across the world.


Owner/CEO of Water Cycle LLC

Mr. Choules provides consulting and project development services in the water treatment field consistent with his 40+ years in the water treatment industry. Prior to starting Water Cycle, Paul advised in the technical and commercial aspects of the industrial, municipal, commercial and military sectors of the water treatment field. Paul developed water treatment technologies and services to the Oil & Gas sector, developed desalination projects in Brazil, Middle East, and Europe. Paul is a founding member and President of the Texas Desalination Association and an Officer of the Caribbean Desalination Association.

Bassem Headshot.jpg

Sr. Manager - RPS Group

Mr. Talje manages large infrastructure projects involving both public and private sectors.  Bassem is based in the US, he joined the private sector in 2008 after working for the State of Texas for 20 years.  He managed design and construction projects in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In 2013, Bassem returned to the USA and joined a large engineering consultant firm where he is currently managing project portfolios for major government agencies.


Principle CD&P

Mr. Peters has handled public relations, community involvement, and media relations for a variety of special projects throughout Texas since 1970. Pete has been involved with several major water projects including the first private water pipeline in Texas with the Heart of Texas Project followed by the EndOp Groundwater Project and the Reuse Project. Pete and his company have represented a diverse group of public and private clients including numerous private developers, US government, and various municipalities to assist with strategic planning, construction and delivery for projects.

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